Cove lighting – a hidden treasure in any room

Lighting is very important in any room of the house. It’s the element that can completely change the atmosphere. There are lots of options to take into consideration. Some are very popular and common while others are a little more sophisticated and manage to stand out with their simplicity and beauty. Cove lighting is always a wonderful style.

Bedroom lightingView in gallery
Contemporary bedroom featuring subtle cove lighting complemented by subtle hanging pendant lights

Whether it’s used in the bedroom to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, in the living room to create a romantic décor, in the kitchen for a touch of style or in the bathroom with a simple and chic look, cove lighting is always a hidden treasure. It’s installed out of sight and it mysteriously illuminates the entire room. It lets out soft and delicate light that, despite being so subtle, manages to create s strong impression. In the bedroom you can use cove lighting either as a main element of as an accent feature that can be used whenever you want the atmosphere to become more intimate.

Bedroom cove lightingView in gallery
Modern bedroom fireplace with cove lighting for a subtle yet strong effect
Fireplace bedroom cove lightingView in gallery
Warm and inviting living room with fireplace, cove lighting and subtle spotlights
Modern bedroom cove lightingView in gallery
Modern, airy living room with bright cove lighting throughout
Kitchen lighting1View in gallery
Contemporary kitchen with warm cove lighting and beautiful textures
Kitchen cove lightingView in gallery
Elegant kitchen featuring mix of cove lighting, pendant lights and spotlights
Bathroom cove lightingView in gallery
Narrow, intimate bathroom featuring cove lighting and warm colors
Modern bathroom cove lightingView in gallery
Chic bathroom with large windows and subtle cove lighting
Cove lighting modern bathroomView in gallery
Very bright bathroom with vibrant green cove lighting under the cabinets
Bathroom ceiling cove lightingView in gallery
Stylish master bath with bright cove lighting and a transparent shower

In the living room, cove lighting can beautifully complement an already bright space with large windows. It can also be a wonderful feature to use above and around the fireplace, to accentuate the warm and cozy feeling that you get when standing there. The kitchen can also benefit from cove lighting. It can be a complementary element used along with hanging pendant light or spotlights and it can make some elements of the furniture stand out. In the bathroom, cove lighting works best in combination with spotlights. Let’s now take a look at a few examples from each category.

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