Country Kitchen Design Inspiration

A country kitchen design means having a relaxed and friendly kitchen space with some antique or reproduction furniture where everyone can gather to enjoy wonderful meals and good conversation. The designs of a kitchen can be done in numerous ways depending upon the desired style, preferable location, available area, and specific budget. Here are some country kitchen inspiration ideas from

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The designs presented are relatively traditional with a vintage look. But most of all they look authentic. You really feel like you’re in the countryside.  It’s a great inspiration if you like this style. I personally almost hate it. It has that old rusty look with all those useless decorations that I don’t like at all. I prefer much simpler designs that are preferably also modern. Honestly, why choose something so old and outdated when there are a lot of contemporary choices. I mean, things evolve for a reason.

But don’t mind me. Choose whatever you like. And if this is what you like than that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion. Of course I didn’t take into account the possibility of someone who is actually living in the country and wants to redecorate their home. In that case this is a very good choice. You can’t just put modern furniture in a vintage house. It will look ridiculous.