Modern And Transparent Country Home With A Car Gallery

From a distance, this home located in Huizen, Netherlands looks like a modern interpretation of a traditional country house. It seamlessly blends old and new in a balanced design that the architects of De Brouwer Binnenwerk have come up with.


The interior, on the other hand, is contemporary, with no trace of rustic or traditional elements. This type of almost hidden design was chosen in order to keep the quiet rural environment undisturbed while also offering the clients the lifestyle they prefer.


The entrance impresses with a double and symmetrical staircase and a pure white décor. An oversized pendant light fixture adds a plus of elegance with its delicate design.


The ground floor is composed of the kitchen, dining area and study with the kitchen being placed at the center of the house. The division of the spaces and the way they are all connected but maintain their privacy and character is interesting and inspiring.


The spacious kitchen features a large island at the center with three wooden stools shaped like blocks suggesting that this feature also doubles as a bar. The combination of modern, built-in appliances and minimalist, white cabinetry gives the kitchen a really bright and airy look.


The study/ home office has double doors that connect it to the outdoors and an extremely simple design. It actually resembles a meeting room and it weren’t for that chic cluster of decorative branches in the corner the décor would have been dull and monotonous.


What’s interesting about the residence is that the living space is situated in the basement. This is also where a floor-to-ceiling glass wall reveals a gallery where classic cars are exposed. Although the living area shares the same minimalism as the rest of the house, it has an energetic vibe given by the orange sectional and its modular design.


A set of wooden cube-shaped stools and a simple table form a versatile space which could be considered a bar but also a dining area and even a workspace.


Multifunctional is the key word which describes this portion of the house, a concept emphasized by the wall-mounted TV and the two red chairs suggesting that this area could also be used as a home theater.


Spaciousness is another defining characteristic for the house. This can be observed in the case of the bathroom. All the different areas and functions are separate yet they’re part of the same spacious room. A lovely feature in one of the bathrooms is the makeup vanity with its chic and feminine design.


The upstairs volume is a private zone and it’s where the bedrooms are situated. The rooms share the same type of simple design with white walls and ceilings, grey details and a few bold features here and there that serve as focal points.


The outdoor area is composed of a beautiful garden, a modern swimming pool and a pavilion with an outdoor lounge area. The overall design is simple, clean and transparent, just like inside the house.