Country Cottage Night Stand

Before you go to bed you put your glasses next to the bed, your book, your hand cream and turn off the lamp. All these tiny objects that you have around you before sleeping must be placed somewhere, so you need a night stand. They are very useful and they take very little space. If you do not have a night stand where would you put the alarm clock? Any way, here is a beautiful and totally pink Country Cottage Night Stand that would make your day if you are a woman. This night stand is very simle in design, yet totally feminine and nice. It makes you like it from the first time you lay eyes on it.

Country cottage night stand 587

It has one drawer and one open shelf , but you can make the necessary changes to get either three drawers or one drawer and a door below it. ANy way, no matter what you decide, you will find this night stand really useful and nice-lloking, bringing colour to your bedroom, especially if you are a teenage girl or a young woman. This piece of furniture is made of solid hardwoods and is handcrafted in Vermont, USA. The item displayed here is painted in pink, but you can choose from nine different colours. You can now buy it for $807 from Vermont Woods Studios.