Countertop Bag Dryer

My mother taught me that it is very healthy and useful not to spend money in vain and to use and re-use some items if you can do that and save both money and energy. I mean why would you buy a new bag every time you go shopping instead of using the one you have just bought ? Why would you change the bag of your sandwich every day and throw it away all the time when you can re-use it for at least a week? It’s not being cheap, but saving money, which is a very good feature, especially now when the economical crisis takes out the worst in people? This Countertop Bag Dryer  proved to be a very useful tool.

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You may laugh as much as you need but it helps you dry the sandwich bags you clean and dry every day and when you do the maths and calculate the amount of money saved in a month you will feel better already. This tool is made of wood and you can use it for drying plastic bags or even cups. It is made of harvested birch and ash woods. It is simple and very useful and you can order it nor for just $20.