Corporate office building in India

If you want to see a functional and very handsome office building you should take a look at the pictures below. They represent the corporate office for India Glycols. It’s a 2009 project located in Greater Noida, India and designed by Morphogenesis. If you take a look at the scheme you’ll see that the space is very well exploited.

Office building india

There’s a central structure that represents a common activity zone and that also has other departments branching out. It’s a very well organized structure. It’s actually better to divide the whole structure into smaller departments than to have a huge mix inside a very large building. The monstuous project is also an energy conscious design. It makes great use of daylight. Furthermore, the courtyards and the terrace gardens provide great thermal insulation. So, as you can see, the project is very big but it doesn’t neglect the environment. The whole structure seems to be made of several layers stacked one on top of each other like pieces of cake. The color used is also delicious, reminding of the vanilla filling.

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Overall, this large office building, or group of buildings, is a great place to work in. It’s efficient and very well designed. A very nice and successful combination of functionality and beauty.