Corniche RGB –for a unique shower experience

Long and relaxing baths are very nice, especially after a tedious day at work. However, a shower is often better. It’s quicker, especially in the morning, and it’s less likely to make you all soft and lazy. Moreover, the shower gives you the opportunity to feel like you’re sitting in the rain while the water cover your body in a very seductive way.

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The Corniche shower does all of that and more. This particular shower head gives you a very unique experience. The built-in LED lights incorporated in the design will provide you with a colorful experience that will help you start your day in a happy tone. The term “cornice” actually comes from French and designates an architectural ornament. There is a connection in this case because this particular shower head has a really sleek and attractive design. It looks modern and the simple lines, together with the colorful LED light, create a very beautiful combination.

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The Corniche shower head is available in a shiny or brushed finish and it can be customized to meet your style and requirements. This way you can be sure that it will adapt to any shower conditions. The different colors, lighting and shower effects are a very nice detail that will make your shower experience even better. Endulce yourself with this new creation from Mina.