Corner sofa from Roche Bobois

The living room is usually an open space where your family members or guests try to find their places and fit in the general design of the room. But if your living room is rather square in shape and pretty big in size, it would be a good idea to organize an island in the middle or closer to a margin. You will only need some furniture for this and it will help you keep the few friends who come to you regularly closer and feel like you have created an intimate space. This Corner sofa is great for this, but for other purposes, too. Not only it comes opposite the square coffee table that completes it beautifully, it also serves as a storage space, which is amazing.

Corner sofa with sotrageView in gallery

The space behind the sofa is cleverly used as storage space, so you can fill it with different things you need to have close in the living room such as books, CDs, DVDs, speakers, batteries and so on. The space is not too big, but it is perfect for storing the small items that you need access to. This space is elegantly built and the sofa looks even greater that it did without these incorporated shelves. The sofa can be admired on Roche Bobois web site.