Corner Bookcase from Heywood-Wakefield

I think that furniture is supposed to be useful first of all and after that to be nice-looking. That is why I truly believe you should build the right furniture for a room and for your needs instead of purchasing the furniture first and only after that re-arrange all the things in a room so that they could make room and fit the new furniture. One of the most pressing problems nowadays is the lack of space, especially in the big cities, so you must purchase the kind of furniture that will  use every unoccupied area in your home. Corners are usually the ones left open because it is very difficult to find a piece of furniture to cover them. However, the guys from Heywood-Wakefield had this great idea of building a nice corner bookcase that values this space best.

M321 m322 m326The bookcase is rounded and the bookshelves match the corner of your living room perfectly. If you think it is awkward to have only a piece of furniture standing in a corner, then you should try different combinations like the one in the picture where our bookcase stands near two other furniture items. You can customize it if you want and buy it for $1095.