Cork Peg: an ingenious system from molo design

Cork Peg is a structure created by molo design which is a collaborative design and production studio in Vancouver, Canada. This an ingenious and innovative system formed from a number of wooden pieces that can be placed of a flat surface using a magnetic mounting system. This is clever and practical, but it’s not all. This system also has a weight-bearing attribute. So an item is hung from the end of cork peg (like clothing), the total weight bearing capacity is 1.2kg (2.65 lbs); when an item is hung from the middle (like hobo lantern and bag or other small items) the weight bearing capacity is 2.2kg (4.85 lbs). It’s a smart detail.

Cork Peg by molo designView in gallery

So if your home lacks a hanging system, you should consider this one as a good choice because, not only that it’s fun and ingenious, but it’s also very practical. The magnetic system gives you the liberty to arrange the pieces in nay way you want. So it allows you to use your imagination and creativity so form a nice shape or to just think practical and to place them in a simple but functional form.

This system is perfect for the hallways, where people usually hang their coats, bags, umbrellas and other items. Now they can do that with style thanks to this clever structure. It’s a very versatile piece as it can be incorporated in a modern, contemporary but also a more traditional home décor.