Coral Lighting by David Trubridge

When I was just a little girl I learned about corals and I became fascinated by them. I found it amazing that they looked like underwater flowers and still they were living organism. I still find it amazing that they can work together only as a group and not as individual. They stick one to another and their tiny skeletons stick together forming these great shapes. Well, many artists have found corals as a source of inspiration for their works of art and that includes designers. David Trubridge is a lighting devices designer andhe created this beautiful Coral Lighting by David Trubridge from his inspiration.

0430SU CORAL16 016I1 NTWHThis delicate hanging lamp is made of many tiny pieces of untreated natural bamboo wood that are after that secured together with the help of some small plastic clips. These bamboo pieces look like stylized stars and look very nice when they are stuck together in a beautiful sphere. This sphere keeps a light bulb inside and this makes the light come out in an unusual and romantic manner, casting strange shades on the walls around. You can choose this light shade to have a natural colour of the bamboo or maybe you prefer it to be natural on the outside, but having different colours on the inside : yellow, red, aqua, orange, pink, lime, green and white, 2 sided painted white and 2 sided stained black. The lamp is available in many different sizes which are now available for purchase starting with $261.