Copper Spiral with Planets Instead of Wind Chimes

People love wind chimes because they have a nice and delicate sound and also look very well on the porch, just hanging there and moving when the wind blows. So you can hear them and enjoy there sound and know the wind is blowing at the same time. Any way, people use different kinds of materials when making these wind chimes for example ceramics, metal and even wood. Today I am going to present you a special sculpture made of copper that is used instead of wind chimes, but has the same purpose. It’s the copper spiral planet wind sculpture from

Digimarc ms This beautiful decoration is handcrafted of durable iron and has a copper finish on the outside. The few glass balls hanging inside the spiral stand for the planets and the swivel on top allows it to be hanged easily and to move when the wind is blowing gently. The spiral has some very delicate and clever sides that make it rotate and swing even with a very gentle breeze. You can purchase this item online now for the price of $55.99.