Cool Purple Color Front Door Ideas

The focal point of a house is its exteriors and the one which is more important in that too is the front door which is considered as the “mouth” of the house. All the positive energy, opportunities, prosperity, abundance and happiness enters your home through the front door. Earlier front doors were simple and light colored.

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But people are now experimenting with colors and bringing their own contemporary style by leaving behind the myths like dark and bold colors look ugly for the home and are scorching to the eyes. Following the above cool purple color front door ideas will help your home become energetic, healthy and wealthy.

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Purple front door design ideasView in gallery

A purple color front door mixed and matched with dark browns, mustard yellows, lighter gold or oranges give and modern and sophisticated look to your home. You can even use gold or silver colored hardware with purple colored doors to give a classic look. Some people believe that if you want to have a good career or a healthy life then painting your front door with a purple color will do wonders. Some beliefs even say that purple color represents a prosperous and healthy home.Purple color front door symbolize wisdom, royalty, wealth and power.