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Use Table Glass Lamps to Create High Impact in Your Home

Everyone appreciates the beauty of glass, and with it being so malleable into a variety of shapes and sizes, it makes a great addition to any design. But adding a glass element to your space might be challenging unless you opt for something functional such as a glass lamp. Of course, you don’t want just any lamp in your home. You want a design that blends with your taste and elevates your overall design. To find the best glass lamp, you can start with this quick guide to a variety of excellent choices, as well as some information on choosing the best glass lamp for your application.

What to Look for in a Glass Lamp

Depending on whether you’re mounting on the wall or choosing a glass table lamp, you should have rules of thumb for the size and height of the glass lamp you use in your space. For example, as a guideline, you always want the bottom of the shade on a table lamp at eye level when you’re sitting in the space. Also, because glass can be fragile, you’ll want to consider the type of space you’re illuminating and how much movement there is in the space. If it’s an area with a lot of foot traffic, you may want to assure a thicker, sturdier glass design or perhaps a wall sconce lamp as opposed to a table lamp in order to preserve the life of the glass.

1. Manderly 30″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Manderly table lamp offers a subtle nautical theme to your home space, with small elements the remind you of an excursion at sea. The seeded glass base is shaped like a mason jar for simplicity, with the intricate rustic fishnet wrapping around it for a sailor inspired accent. The shade is a crisp linen drum inspired by the beauty of a ship’s sail, adding another peaceful element to the overall tranquil feel of this glass lamp.

This lamp is perfect for a bedside table or an end table by the couch. It’s 30 inches tall with a shade that is 11 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter, and the overall weight is just under 13 pounds. It has a 60-inch cord, which is clear for ease of reaching a socket and disappearing into your space. The lamp is capable of 3-way operation and uses a rotary socket switch. It is UL listed and California Title 20 compliant.

2. Mailiah 29″ Clear Glass Standard Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Mailiah glass table lamp incorporates elements of traditional and contemporary design for a stylish transitional appeal. The clear seeded base is fashioned into dimpled glass with metal accents that are finished in dark bronze for a very traditional look. The textured linen drum shade offers a more modern appeal, softening the illumination of the inner bulb to offer excellent ambient lighting while also diffusing light to avoid direct shining into the eyes. This standard table lamp is rated for use with a 3-way 150-watt incandescent bulb or a 3-way CFL 26-watt spiral bulb.

A rotary switch that is included allows for ease of control between low, medium, and high positions. This lamp is ideal for any room, especially on a side table in your living room or as a bedside reading lamp. It stands 29 inches tall and is lightweight at under 8 pounds. An LED bulb is included, as well as a 5-foot cord for easy outlet reach. You get a 30-day limited warranty, and this lamp is rated for commercial and residential use. It is CPG, ADA, and TAA compliant, as well as UL listed and FSC certified.

3. Maryann 28″ Clear/Metallic Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Maryann Clear Metallic Table Lamp takes fashion to a new level, creating a unique design that would look right at home in the swankiest of loft apartments but can still elevate even a quaint living room as a conversation piece. The crystal construction of the base paired with a 100% cotton shade create a timeless elegance crafted for durability and longevity, as well as incredible aesthetic.

This 28-inch-tall lamp has three graphic blocks for a base, as well as a rectangular shade, lending a geometric design to the entire piece. A bulb is included upon receipt for instant operation, but you can use an incandescent, LED, or CFL bulb of up to 100 watts upon replacement, making it versatile for energy savings. The lamp is UL listed and California Title 20 compliant, and while it’s only covered for residential use and not for commercial application, it does carry a lifetime warranty with proper use.

4. Alyce 24″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Alyce Table Lamp brings the classic elements of curved glass into the 21st century with a transitional design that makes a tranquil and welcome addition to any space, regardless of the theme of the space. There is a light texture on the glass that adds a unique elegance, and the classic drum shade wraps the design together for a cohesive transitional look. The lamp is 23.5 inches tall with a shade that is 10 inches high, and the overall weight is a mere 5.5 pounds, making it light and easy to move from one location to another as needed.

You can use it with a bulb that requires up to 60 watts of power for best performance. It is not rated or warrantied for commercial use. However, residential use carries a 1-year limited warranty. It is California Title 20 compliant. You can easily care for the lamp by wiping it clean with a dry cloth at any time.

5. Walnut Grove 30″ Table Lamp: farmhouse

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Walnut Grove Table Lamp brings home the 19th century farmhouse feel, based on the shape and overall accents incorporated into the design. The glass base is shaped like a mason jar and has silver accents to update the design with a slightly more modern element. White fabric shade in the traditional drum style wraps up the appearance for a quaint style that can be used in any space, whether decorated for a classic, mid-century modern, or contemporary theme.

The bulb is not included, and you can opt for up to a 150-watt incandescent bulb or a 25 watt CFL bulb for similar illumination with savings on energy costs. It comes with a 3-way switch, so utilizing a 3-way bulb can be to your advantage with multiple levels of lighting. The lamp is just over 30 inches tall, with the shade height just over 11 inches. It’s also UL listed and comes with a residential use warranty.

6. Elmwood 31″ Table Lamp Set

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Elmwood Table Lamp Set comes with 2 matching lamps, which are fashioned from sturdy, durable glass and a 100% cotton shade. The artful cylindrical design of the bases is very contemporary in style, and the clear glass allows for view of the metal rod running through the middle, making them a dramatic addition to your home design. The crisp white drum shape of the shades lends an understated, peaceful sense to the lamps, and those shades work well with the 13-watt CFL bulbs that are included with the purchase.

As a pair, these lamps are perfect for bedside tables or end tables next to couches and love seats. They stand 29 inches tall, making them a perfect height for late night reading and understated illumination of any space. The fixtures are UL listed and California Title 20 compliant. They are not warrantied for commercial use.

7. Van 28″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Van Glass Table Lamp creates a very Hollywood Regency era inspired feel to any home design, with its chunky and quirky appearance. The base resembles an ice cube, with thick, speckled mercury glass adding style to an otherwise basic design. The brushed nickel plate finish incorporated into the base adds a hint of glamor and modern style to the retro feel. The beige linen fabric of the rounded rectangular shade creates a peacefully diffused lighting element to your space for ample illumination without being overly bright.

It’s made to use a 3-way socket switch that supports a 150 watt 3-way bulb so you can easily control the level of lighting in the space. At 28 inches tall, it’s great for almost any application, just the right height for a bedside table or reading nook. The lamp is rated for residential use and is California Title 20 compliant.

8. Eagleville Table Lamp Set

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Eagleville Glass Table Lamp Set includes 2 identical lamps that are elegant and timeless, with the ability to provide gorgeous ambient light in a space as well as provide a design element around which you could build an entire theme. The many faceted bases of these lamps give the vase like shape an added appeal that makes the design more modern, and the black shades are a linen weave that includes cotton and polyester for long lasting durability. The cut-corner bell shape of the shades brings out the facets of the bases, creating a cohesive appearance that will catch anyone’s eye.

They stand 25.5 inches tall, with a 10-inch-high shade and a narrow base that is under 5 inches in diameter. The lamps come with incandescent bulbs for immediate use, but you can also use 13-watt CFL bulbs in order to conserve energy and money. These lamps are UL listed as well as California Title 20 compliant.

9. Rhode Glass 28″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Rhode Glass Table Lamp is a lovely transitional design that can merge traditional and contemporary elements into a cohesive design statement in your home space. The vase-like shape of the base, coupled with the beaded glass appearance, provide a classic style that also works in a contemporary setting due to updated metal accents that give a silvery sheen to the edges. The white cotton empire shade is a modernized take on the traditional standard drum shape.

The overall height of the lamp is 28 inches, with a 20-inch base and a 16 inch shade, which pair well to diffuse light appropriately for ample illumination while still softening the overall brightness. This glass lamp works with a 3-way 150-watt incandescent bulb using a standard 3-way switch so that you have easy control of the amount of light used for any given circumstance. No assembly is required, which means that adding a bulb and plugging it in make it fully operational.

10. Tiverton 28″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Tiverton Table Lamp Set includes 2 identical lamps, each with a timeless design that has been popular for decades and reimagined a number of times to keep it modernized and in style. The clear glass base design is reminiscent of the shape of oil lamps, but the ability to choose from transparent, gray hued, navy, or turquoise glass shade updates the look and feel for a more transitional element.

The smooth texture of the 100% cotton weave shades also invokes a peaceful feel with its natural, organic appearance. The internal metal rods are viewable through the glass for added beauty and intrigue. At 28 inches, the lamps incorporate a 10-inch shade for perfect use bedside or in your living room. The lamps come with provided 13-watt CFL bulbs that are energy efficient to run and have 5-foot cords for easy reach to outlets. The glass lamps are UL listed, can be used in residential or commercial settings, and are California Title 20 compliant.

11. Estrela Glass 32″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Estrela Glass Table Lamp looks like a unique, one of a kind blown glass design, utilizing a stacked gourd bulbous glass design to make it intriguing whether used in an entryway, living room, or bedroom space. The clear blue glass design gives visual appeal and showcases the thin metal rod inside for universal transitional style and pairing it with the crisp white traditional drum shade made of linen creates a peaceful but noteworthy appearance.

The lamp is taller than average, standing 32 inches high, with an 11-inch-high shade. The 6 foot cord means you can easily access an outlet from your chosen location for powering the fixture, and the fact that this glass lamp is compatible with a standard 150 watt 3-way bulb as well as LED and compact fluorescent bulbs makes it extremely versatile. The lamp is rated for commercial or residential use, and it’s UL, ETL, and MET listed as well as CSA certified and California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant.

12. Samson 28.5″ Aqua Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Samson Aqua Table Lamp has a very basic construction that provides a coastal beach feel for a peaceful atmosphere and intriguing design. The bowl-shaped base is created with wavy glass that has a very subtle aqua tint to give it a nautical feel while still remaining translucent. The beige fabric shade is tapered for beauty and paneled for sturdy reinforcement and a long life. The lamp includes a 3-way switch, which works to control a standard 3-way 150-watt incandescent bulb or a 3-way LED bulb.

This allows you to adjust the level of lighting in your space with ease. The lamp is 28.5 inches tall with an 11-inch shade and weighs only 6.6 pounds, making it easy to move and set up as necessary. A 72-inch cord assures that you can locate the lamp where you like and still have an outlet within easy reach. The lamp is smart enabled for use with Amazon Echo, and it carries a 1-year warranty for commercial or residential use. The fixture is UL listed and California Title 20 compliant.

13. Bowden 29″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Bowden Glass Table Lamp uses a combination of colored glass and solid wood to give an antique feel to an updated and contemporary design. This is definitely a standout statement piece for use in any location. The colored glass and crisscross rattan design fashioned much like a fisherman’s net with a wood base give the lamp a nautical feel, capped by a traditional beige fabric drum shade. The overall effect makes the lamp work whether your theme is nautical, farmhouse, mid-century modern, or contemporary.

An LED bulb is included for use, though you can use a standard incandescent bulb of up to 100 watts. A 6-foot cord makes for easy plug and play opera. The lamp stands 28.5 inches high with an 11-inch shade, and while the sturdy glass design appears thick and heavy, the overall weight of the fixture is only 6 pounds. There is no assembly necessary, and the lamp is approved for use in both residential and non-residential spaces.

14. Lynmouth 29″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Lynmouth Glass Table Lamp is opulent and elegant in design, blending metal and glass to create a fixture worthy of being a showpiece. It makes a statement with stacked gourd shaped glass, multifaceted to appear as though it is diamond studded and metal accents made with steel and finished with shimmering silver add to this rich appearance. The white linen drum shade is smooth and elegant, diffusing light perfectly, and the included incandescent Edison bulb gives additional character to the transitional design.

The lamp is 29 inches tall with a 15-inch base and 12-inch shade. The overall weight is 8 pounds, making installation quite manageable. When replacing the bulb, the fixture is rated for a maximum of 150 watts of power consumption. It is approved for both residential and non-residential and is UL listed.

15. Mildred 30″ Table Lamp

Mildred 30Table Lamp

The Mildred Glass Table Lamp is a perfect addition to the newly fashionable farmhouse design, with lots of charm and quality construction. The squared milk bottle shape of the base, coupled with galvanized metal with a silver finish, gives a transitional element to an otherwise 19th century rustic appeal. Exposed screws add additional character to the peace, while the classic white empire shade is a perfect take on the traditional fabric drum.

The charming lamp is capable of 3-way operation and is compatible with a 150-watt maximum incandescent bulb. However, for efficiency, it is recommended that you use a 3-way 25-watt maximum CFL bulb. The glass lamp stands just over 30 inches tall, with a shade that is approximately 11 inches high and 14 inches in diameter. The overall weight of the lamp is only 11 pounds, making setup easy. Some assembly is required but simple to complete.