Cool Furniture You Wish You Had The Courage To Bring Home

There’s regular furniture which you expect everyone to have in their homes, offices and other types of spaces and then there’s cool furniture, the kind that you enjoy to look at and you find interesting but don’t usually consider when furnishing your own home. This is the type of furniture that you wish you had the inspiration and the courage to take home so maybe it’s about time you did some remodeling.

Console table high heelsView in gallery

The High Heels console is exactly what the name suggests: a console table with actual legs with high heels. It’s definitely cool and unusual and would make a powerful statement anywhere you put it. If you want to add a focal point to a space, this console makes it very easy.

Riluc line chairView in gallery

The Line Chair looks a lot like an abstract sculpture. It’s made entirely out of stainless steel and it has elegant and daring curves and a very eye-catching appearance. From a structural point of view it seems simple but there’s nothing basic about this piece.

Pulpo seating seriesView in gallery

The Pow chair is also an unusual blend of simplicity and uniqueness. It has three solid leg, one shorter than the other two, a round and very soft and comfortable seat and a backrest which curves around the seat transitions into armrests.

Bent side table from pulpoView in gallery

This is the Bent side table, another cool piece of furniture that stands out and makes a statement without becoming opulent. It’s a glass table with a design that plays with different textures, offering a very tactile experience.

Mogg mattera dining table designView in gallery

The Matera table is a truly stunning piece of furniture. It’s designed by Sebastiano Tosi and it has a very elegant and sculptural appearance. The frame is made of metal and the top is on MDF. The entire table is covered in an exquisite textured finish available in urban gray, river stone and blue belgian marble.

Busnelli former icon chair

Fiocco is also a perfect example of a furniture piece that looks like a beautiful and abstract sculpture. It’s eccentric and sublime and has a very innovative design. It’s the type of furniture that you get because it looks cool more than anything else.

Icon armadillo businelliView in gallery

This is the Armadillo chair, a cool piece of furniture that manages to find the balance between looks and function. Although it looks very much like a contemporary piece, it was actually designed in the 1970s by Gianni Pareschi.

Arketipo overdrive high back chairView in gallery

The Overdrive looks like the type of chair a villain might sit in. At the same time, it looks like it’s made of two distinct sections which even contrast with one another. The upper section extends the shell upward, in a rather dramatic way.

Arketipo bobble floor lampView in gallery

Lamps can be cool too. In fact, the Bubble Bobble has one of the coolest designs we’ve seen in a while. It has three spherical shades that are reminiscent of the lightweight and delicate soap bubbles. They’re supported by a thin and slender metal frame.

Miniform cabinet with sound systemView in gallery

Speaking of designs that remind us of something else, check out the Caruso cabinet. It looks like a very simple and common cabinet for the most part but it has this big and eye-catching speaker coming out of it. It looks sort of vintage, reminiscent of an antique music player, a phonograph. That, of course, is not the case as this is in fact a modern bluetooth speaker. It’s this detail alone that turns the cabinet into a very cool furniture piece.