Cool Blue Living Room Ideas

For some designers, blue is a cold color and they prefer warmer tones for a living room, like oranges and beige. Few living rooms are given over entirely to blue. However azure tones really work well in living spaces, particularly if used in combination with off whites. Don’t reject the cool blue look for your living room, if you are thinking about redecorating, simply because you don’t often see it used elsewhere.

Marine Blue.

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A blue lounge will really make your home stand out from the crowd. From deep sea blues to lighter sapphire and sky blues, the trick is not to overuse the application of the color. Stick to one tone only or, at a push, two if you feel particularly confident with color design. Getting a blue room looking right is never going to be as simple as sticking to magnolia, but the rewards speak for themselves.

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Deeper blue tones are not always welcome in smaller living rooms. However, as long as you have plenty of natural light and a good amount of space, marine blue will give a living room a stunning look. Paint your walls, but it is advisable not to match the blue tone on either your ceiling or floor space. Keep those elements white or off white. Set off the deep blue wall tones with an item of furniture, but leave the marine blue look at that. Lighten the room with white drapes, a rug or a cream sofa.

Accent Wall And Furniture Combinations.

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A more subtle use of blue in a domestic living space is to paint only one wall as an accent and then echo this hue with your choice of furniture upholstery. Painting a wall in a single tone of blue will work, but also consider getting the accent wall look with some well chosen wallpaper instead. If your furniture has a blue and white geometric styling it can be a good idea to reflect this with your choice of wallpaper. Not all of your furniture needs to be blue. You can get the complementing blue look by adding some cushion covers. If your walls are broken up by studwork or beams why not only paint a part of the wall in the accent color?

Classic Blue On White.


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To get the classic blue and white look, that is reminiscent of Greek island life, use them in equal measure. Keep your walls and ceiling white and then choose azure and white furniture. You can also get the look by setting off blue picture frames against a white background. Alternatively, place Chinese style pottery around the room. Bowls, vases and wall plates will all work well in the context of a blue/white living room. Bold fabric designs should be selected for your furniture’s upholstery. There is no need to be timid when going for a tired and tested look.

Cobalt Carpets.

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If the idea of blue walls puts you off using the color at all in your living room then all is not lost. A simply designed blue rug will work very well against some blue and white furniture. Complete the look with a couple of deeper blue accessories, like candlesticks. Matching a rug to an accent wall is another thoughtful way of achieving the look, particularly if you don’t want to reupholster your furniture. If your seating is blue and white go for a solid blue carpet or vice versa.

Sky Drapes.

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Drapes can complete a blue looking room. But don’t hang blue ones just because you have other blue elements in the room. Remember that it is easy to overdo the blue look. Blue drapes work well if the other blue furnishings are not the dominant color. Ensure you have plenty of other tones so that particularly deep blues don’t take over. Consider that drapes are there to complement a color theme rather than make an exact match.

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