Convertible outdoor coffee/dining table

Theoretically, spring is almost here. That’s enough for me to start planning new ways of having fun and spending time outside. Usually, the first thing that people do when they see a sunny day outside is to get the outdoor furniture out of the storage and plan a barbeque or simply spend some time outdoor with family and friends. This convertible table is the perfect way to start that.This is a very practical and functional outdoor table. The best thing about it is that it can be converted from a coffee table into a dining table. This way it serves two purposes and the same time.

You can have two pieces of furniture in one. The coffee table can be transformed into a dining table for up to four people. It has hinged panels on all sides that elevate to 25’’ high and lock into place. It’s very simple to convert them.

One the panels are in place they form four 345’’ sq. platforms. It’s the ideal height for dining. The coffee table has a 20 ¼’ sq surface and it offers plenty of space for cocktails, board games, coffee or even breakfast outdoors. Moreover, the table also has metal bins inserts in the center. They allow you to create a fire pit or an ice reservoir for drinks. The frame of the table is made from durable and strong rustproof aluminum. It has stainless steel hardware and the surface of the table is stamped aluminum mesh. The table will need to be assembled. Its overall dimensions are 54″ W x 54″ D x 19″ H. You can buy the table at the special price of $1,200. It’s perfect for terraces gardens or outdoor areas in general.