Contrastive house in Austin, Texas combining antique furniture and modern technology

This impressive house is located in Austin, Texas and it has a very interesting interior design. The striking part is the combination of styles. The interior is mostly traditional and it has a lot of antique elements. Notice the wooden ceilings with exposed beams, the stone floor from the dining area, The beautiful stone fireplace from the living room, the wooden floors from the rest of the house, the traditional rugs and the beautiful antique chandeliers. These are all striking elements that can’t go unnoticed.

Antique And Modern Styles bedroomView in gallery

However, even though the interior décor seems to be filled with antique pieces, the technologies are modern. It’s a functional compromise. Now let’s go back to the décor. The living room is spacious and it features white walls. As for the furniture, most of it is antique like for example the leather armchair or the side table that has been made out of an old chest.

Antique And Modern Styles dining roomView in gallery

Antique And Modern Styles fireplaceView in gallery

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Antique And Modern StylesView in gallery

The bedroom is especially beautiful. It’s unusually large and it has a traditional carpet that covers part of the wooden floor. The exposed beams from the ceiling are a trademark of the entire house. Furthermore, so are the windows, with wood frames pained in the same color as the ceiling and the floor. Besides the double bed, there are also several other armchair sitting there. Even the lamp is antique. I also like the chandelier from the living room.{found on 2400matthews}