Contrasting flat in Manhattan

New York is a big and contrasting city. It’s a representative part of the country and of the whole world. However, not a lot of people seem to like living in there. The city is crowded, busy and full of surprises and for those who like a quiet and simple life, this is not the best place to live in. However, there are plenty of people who love living in New York, like the owners of this place for example.

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This artistic loft is located in Chelsea, in lower Manhattan. You might be surprises to find out that this wasn’t always a home. In fact, this place dates back to the last century and it used to be a factory where they mad chains. Then nobody would have imagined that someone this place could become a lovely home. However, the new owners saw the potential and decided to pursue their dream.

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They contacted Martin Raffone and asked him for help with the interior design. The designer realized that this is no ordinary home and decided to create something very special. Instead of choosing only one predominant style throughout the whole house, he chose to use a mix of several different styles.

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He mixed the warm modernist American style with a series of several other styles like the German, French and Italian classics, and sometimes Danish. Mixing styles is not advisable unless you know exactly what you’re doing. In this case the result was a very welcoming and unique home.{found on vartnyahem}