Contemporary Yet Wall Lamp

Foscarini is world-wide known for its revolutionary items that combine functionality with looks. A thing that was designed a few years ago but only know available for the general public is the Yet wall lamp. This contemporary lighting fixture was conceived to fulfill numerous tasks; once mounted on the wall this thing can be used as an unconventional bookshelf that also is a nice decorative touch for your room and it makes you see on the dark; like I was telling you about: looks and functionality.

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There are a few interesting features to this marvelous wall sconce. One of them is the possibility of installing multiple devices that are interconnected to create a wide pallet of shapes and patterns. Made out of polycarbonate these pieces are tough, resistant and slightly transparent so the fluorescent bulb behind it can make it glow. There is also the choice of color: white, orange, grey or yellow.

You know what’s best for your moody environment and how many and what color the individual pieces that compose your final wall montage should be. The size of each piece is about 24”W x 10.6”D x 13.75”H. Now you can have better image of how the entire concept works. Let’s not forget versatility from this successful equation. I can see the Yet wall lamp mounted in a bedroom 2-feet above the headboard, or in a nice waiting room, an office lounge and so on.available for 583$.