Contemporary Work of Art in Israel

Today we would like to present you a wonderful, 2,799 square foot, three storey, modern house that is located in Yehuda, near Tel Aviv, Israel. This gorgeous building is the result of the collaboration between Israeli architect Sharon Neuman and London-based architect Oded Stern Meiraz.

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Inspired by the work of the minimalist artist Walter De Maria, the Gothic Shaped Drawing, this beautiful house will surely catch your eye. The house has a tall brick painted wall and an attached outdoor chimney that provide privacy to the owners. On the other hand, the rear of the building is made out of glass and is open to the back.

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This contemporary minimalist house features on the ground floor a lounge, kitchen and TV room. The first floor houses the main bedroom suite, children rooms and work areas. It also comes witha basement with a shelter, cinema and play room. Moreover the rooms are all colored in white and have huge windows which make them bright and airy.

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The Even Yehuda House is a true work of art. With modern furnishings and state of the art appliances this house turns out to be a first class property. It is highly functional, high on style and a sanctuary to retreat to.