Contemporary West Palm Beach Property

Located on West Palm Beach, this residence is a very nice example of a typical contemporary home. It’s a spacious house with ample spaces in each section and with a well-defined internal distribution of the rooms. Its interior design is nicely balanced. It features a variety of textures and a wide color palette which includes neutral shades such as beige and black but also vibrant shades of red.

Contemporary west palm beach property

Even though the overall design is modern, the interior décor of this residence is not as simple as expected. It is, in fact, quite intricate. There are lots of little details everywhere you look. But this only shows us that the attention to detail is exquisite and that every little item is carefully placed where it should be.

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Contemporary west palm beach property8

The living room is spacious but not impressive in size. It features an earthy color palette with shades of brown and beige which makes it feel cozy and inviting. Lighting in this room is subtle and the windows let in enough sunlight to make the room feel bright.

Contemporary west palm beach property7

Contemporary west palm beach property5

Contemporary west palm beach property4

Contemporary west palm beach property3

Contemporary west palm beach property1

The overall design of the residence was meant to make it feel comfortable. It’s the essence of any design when we’re talking about a family home. In this case, such an inviting and pleasant atmosphere was achieved through color, texture and style. The décor is modern but with subtle traditional accents which add elegance to the rooms. Moreover, in addition to a lovely interior décor, the house features wonderful views over the surrounding landscape.