Contemporary three bedroom house featuring a mirror wall

Located on Portobello Road, in Notting Hill, Chelsea, West London, this residence features a contemporary design hidden behind a not that impressive façade. The property is organized on three floors and features a very well organized interior. The rooms are well proportionate and the internal structure is functional and practical.The ground floor features a large open plan that includes the kitchen, the dining room and a large living room. It’s an area filled with natural sunlight and very beautifully decorated. It has beautiful and rich wood floor that contrast with the white walls in both color and texture.

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The balance is very nice as the walls bring minimalism while the wooden floors add warmth and coziness to the décor. The furniture is modern and also beautifully proportionate and balanced. The colors vary but the color palette is restraint. It includes several gray features combined with pale yellow and dark brown.The textures are also very beautiful and they make the whole décor seem light and airy without the need of compromises. The kitchen features a wraparound breakfast bar with plenty of counter space and beautiful bar stools.

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The kitchen also features a large wall mirror along one side of the bar that reflects the rest of the room and thus adds depth to the décor. There’s also a second mirror wall in the room, in the area of the dining table. The residence also includes a utility room and a cloakroom situated on the same floor.The upper level is a private space and includes two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and wardrobes. One of the rooms is currently used as an office. The top floor contains a double bedroom suite with lots of storage. As you can see, this is a very beautifully proportionate and organized property with a stylish, contemporary interior.{found on domusnova}.