Contemporary Style Magazine Rack

Every office needs a place where to store all the magazines or books, either from junk mail or maybe ones that are really useful like Golden Pages or specialty magazines and papers. Most of the times the books are kept in small bookcases or on the shelves, but if you do not have so many of them and they are mainly magazines, I think this Contemporary Style Magazine Rack  will be the perfect item for your office. It is modern looking and cool and it is really handy, too. You simply place it on or near the sofa in the lounge or on the low table in the office and everybody will have access to it and its contents. Besides, it will be a part of the overall design of the office and a smart feature, too.

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This magazine rack is very simple in design and yet very nice-looking. It is made of two identical halves that are joint together in the middle. Each of them has a handle that allows it to be carried easily and moved wherever you think it’s appropriate. The rack is made of Espresso finish bentwood and looks very modern and sophisticated. It is made by Oceanstar and can be purchased from Home Depot for $42.97.