Contemporary style and environmentally friendly apartment in Nicosia, Italy

This surprising and beautiful apartment is located in Nicosia, Italy. It has a very beautiful and minimalist interior that was designed by Hemonides Applied Arts. The apartment is situated in a quiet and rather isolated area but still in the heart of the city. It sits on the ground floor of a building and it’s part of a big residential block.The idea for the design of this apartment was quite simple. The designers needed to make the most out of this space and to create a functional distribution of the areas that would allow the owners to easily shift from one area to another.

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The interior design of the apartment is contemporary and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it’s also an artistically decorated space.Art takes center stage in this apartment. The result is a very simple but very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly. The furniture used inside this apartment is made of high quality materials. The style is very specific and beautifully chosen to match with everything inside the apartment.

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The rooms have been decorated with works of art and all sorts of objects that the owner brought from different countries. The living area is large and airy and features a very simple bookcase filled with all sorts of books of various colors, shapes and sizes. It’s an airy space, filled with natural light.{found on architezer}.