Contemporary residence in Melbourne with a beautiful garden and courtyard

Located in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, this residence was designed to meet the current and future needs of its owners. It was designed and built by the architects of Jackson Clements Burrows and has a very clean and beautiful structure. The property includes a residence with a contemporary design and a wonderful garden.The garden features a pavilion at each end and this allows it to become a private courtyard. The house has a simple design and, internally, it has been functionally divided in order to respond to its owners’ needs.

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It’s a home for a large family and has been divided into a series of public and private spaces to meet the needs of both adults and children. In order to take full advantage of the site, the architects decide to divide lengthwise. This way a connection was established between the house and the surrounding landscape.

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The structure and orientation of the house allows everyone to take full advantage of the panoramic, north-facing garden and to enjoy the beautiful views. This way the garden also became an important part of the architecture. The contemporary approach to the project resulted in a residence that has a very simple, sculptural form. It features large, deep windows and a sloping roof and the garden/courtyard envelopes it beautifully. Internally, the house has been divided into public and private spaces. The main living area features a timber lined ceiling and large glazed doors while the private spaces are inviting and relaxing.