Contemporary residence in Hollywood Hills by Francois Perrin

This beautiful residence is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. It has a contemporary design and it benefits from a wonderful location with amazing views. The house was a project by Francois Perrin that worked with collaborators Yves Lefay and Designer/Builder (Eliosolar). The residence sits on a 9,000 square meter site. The actual building occupies 3,000 square meters. The construction was completed in 2012.

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This is a beautiful private residence in the Hollywood Hills. It offers splendid views of the city of Los Angeles. It sits in one of the few protected areas in the city and it’s one of the rare remaining buildings lots in the neighborhood. The residence features a beautiful architecture meant to make it lend with the surroundings and to merge with the landscape. It’s a modest-looking residence, not an eye-catching element. In fact, this was the main idea behind the project.The north-south orientation of the residence allows it to offer panoramic views of the city while also avoiding the sun in the afternoons.

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The site and the landscape forced the architects to think on multiple levels. The residence has four levels. Half of the living area is underground. It’s a very spacious residence with lots of functional rooms and large common areas. As for the materials used in the construction, they include concrete for the foundation and the walls and insulated glass. The residence almost disappears into the surrounding, blending with the landscape.{pictures by Michael Wells and found on archdaily}.