Contemporary Residence in Cyprus by LK Architects

Lambrianou Koutsolambros Architects have designed a fabulous house in Paphos, Cyprus. Funnel House is a contemporary home built on a flat plot in the village of Agia Marimonda. Reminiscent of Greek island whiteness, coolness and adjacency to earth and water, this residence is a warm and welcoming place to land.

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The architects kept in mind the views and the climatic factors like the sun movement and wind when designing the shape of the building. The interior faces a gorgeous orchard that is under development and also the sleek swimming pool. Moreover, they created a bridge-like deck strip that divides the water and defines the external dining location and bbq zone. The funnel-like shape of the building directs views and prevailing winds through the house towards the courtyard.

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The interior presents big, airy rooms that are flooded with natural light. You can also see that the architects created a contrast between the white floors and the dark modern furnishings. The materials were selected based on their luminescence, lightness of color and appearance in order to provide a clean, natural look. What’s more, this lovely house is equipped with state of the art appliances that make it a wonderful place to call home.

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The Funnel House is a sanctuary to retreat to. It presents contemporary furniture, sleek finishings and interesting light fixtures, creating the perfect environment to start your life.