Contemporary O House in Switzerland

This a top class exquisite house with the name as O House. The name has been imparted as there as several expressive circular openings in the exterior of the house. The openings allow glimpses of the two leveled house and its plants, staircase, lounge and the guest tract. The lake side of the house has an amazing mountain view as it boosts a glistering open sided gallery highlighted by circular glass bricks.

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The basement is tucked along the slope and includes a large fitness area and a swimming pool which is half inside and half outside.The house looks great and the first thing you notice about it is the outer wall that is all perforated , leaving huge Os on the front.

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This is its particularity and what makes this house so special and this feature adds a plus of spectacular to the outside aspect of the house. It catches your eyes and makes you stop and admire it at least for a moment. { Philippe Stuebi Architekten & Eberhard Tröger }.