Contemporary Multifunctional Art Lover Sofa from Andreas Berlin

Art Lover from Andreas Berlin is a fascinating sofa to all individualists and all lovers of art and architecture. It lets you imagine much and makes everthing possible. Segments can be rearranged, gaps can be filled with small tables, back seats can be moved to make room for your legs, and cushions find new places…. This sofa makes everything possible for people who love flexibility and creativity: it is good for comfortable seating and casual relaxing as well as for taking a refreshing nap.

Art lover II 46x345

Today you can position two sofas at an angle of 90° to make them a comfortable meeting place for your family. A few years later, the same sofas can be positioned back to back or as two free standing units in one or even different rooms. However you decide to use Art Lover, the sofas make up sculptural objects in your room and sofa freaks will find in them comfortable objects of daily use.


Art lover II 46x345View in gallery

Art lover II 46x345View in gallery

The beautiful recesses in the bolster segments can be used to move both front rows und the back element. Art Lover is also predestined for public areas like a lobby. The sofa segments can be used in a diversity of ways: freestanding, back to back, behind one another or as an orthogonal landscape.