Contemporary M-House in Mexico City by Micheas Architects

This beautiful contemporary home is located in Mexico City, Mexico and it has been designed by Micheas Architects. The house faced several challenges, both in terms of space and design. The architects had to deal with the small site that didn’t allow much freedom so they had to work with what they had and to try to make the best of it.

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Another challenge was the owner’s desire to have social areas distributed throughout the whole house and to be able to enjoy them all every level. So they had to include at least one such area at every level of the house. These spaces have been strategically placed along the garden and terrace areas, where the users can enjoy the beautiful views and the fresh air, sun and every else that nature has to offer.

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Even though the site has a limited space, the room area quite generous and airy. The living areas are particularly pleasant because they have been decorated with simple pieces of furniture and they have an overall elegant and stylish design. The private areas of the house are more cozy and friendly and they look very inviting, as they should be. Also, the bathroom and kitchen are very spacious and nicely designed. Overall, this is a contemporary house, with simple but eye-catching elements and a very beautiful design. It’s perfect for a small family.Pictures by Víctor Benitez.