Contemporary Lighting Tips For Your Living Room

These days the range of choice that you can select from for contemporary light fittings seems limitless. Indeed, if you cannot find the fitting of your imagination then it will be possible to find a manufacturer who can fabricate your own design for you. Both the form of the design and their lighting output is very much at the heart of contemporary design.And when it comes to modern-style lighting there seems to be a fitting design for every room in the home. With such overwhelming choice, it is often too easy to go wrong, so take your time and select your fittings only once the rest of the décor has been decided upon.

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If your home is undergoing rewiring, then you will need to consider the number of light fittings required to provide a good level of light. If you have too few fittings you will need to up their output. Err on the side of caution. It is better to have more wiring than you think you may need, particularly with recessed lighting, since it will be a messy job to run additional cable after your living room has been completed. If you are in doubt, consult a professional lighting designer.

Under Shelf Lighting.

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Shelf lighting looks great in living room settings. If you have a corner of your room devoted to books or a DVD collection, why not mount them on shelves that have recessed lighting within them? Under shelf lighting can create a brighter area in the room without drawing excessive attention to itself. The look is great if you have some objets d’art that you like to display, or family photographs that you would like to highlight.

Fire Effects.

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Light play is always an attractive feature of a living room’s design. Candle light works nicely and can support electric fittings superbly. However, a sophisticated way of creating flickering light is to install a fire effect fitting. Linear fires are very on trend at the moment and work well in contemporarily styled living rooms. If you don’t want the fuss of a real fire, select a light fitting that takes on the appearance of one instead.


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Occasional lamps seemed to be going out of fashion a few years ago, but are making something of a come back. If your room has a lighting design that has not quite worked then the additional of simple lamp is often enough to put matters right. Lamps come in many shapes and sizes, so you will find a contemporary design that suits the rest of the living room’s décor. Select a material that is sympathetic with rest of the room, so that it looks good even when it is not turned on. Of course, the great thing about lamps is that you can move them around to suit the occasion.

LED lighting.

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Light emitting diode fittings remain ever popular for contemporary designers. These fittings often have huge life spans. Some do get hot, like conventional fittings, so consider this before you purchase. They are ideal for recessed fittings and hard to reach places. They also work well installed under furniture, to provide wash of color over the floor or walls.

Diffusing Light.

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Spreading the light around so that it does not spear to be from one source in the room is always a good idea in a living room. By diffusing the light, you will get a more uniform effect. This creates a relaxed atmosphere. Shades are the tried and tested way of diffusing light from a fitting. However, they don’t need to be dull looking things. Modern shades look great and are highly functional, too.

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