Contemporary Kiko Austrian House

A contemporary house was finished in the small market town of Zirl in Austria by the Ohnmacht Flamm Architekten . This  trendy household  features modern living spaces in a unique design. The structure is nothing but traditionally. The spatial concept inverts the idea of ubiquitous semi-detached house, thereby the secondary rooms and garages are packed  in two “boxes” and pushed sideways. In the middle there is a grand living space that opens into the garden.

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Above, there is  a compact volume , in which you can find the children’s play room and the bedrooms. You may wonder what is it about those two  transparent hemispheres with the swinging bubble chairs. Well, my friends those are a sign of thinking out-of-the-box. Those bubbles offer a panoramic view over the surroundings. The chairs inside them can swing inside or outside the room into that bubble  for a better visual experience .

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The interior is magnificent ! Only the best materials were used, so don’t be surprised if you’ll  find in the bathroom   beautiful wooden floors and a clean airy design, with black and white alternations  between furniture and sanitary objects. The spacious living room is facing a great pool and a marvelous landscape.  We can observe that in this project the quality was not compromised, by the contrary, the perfect combination between wood, large glass windows and doors, steel give a fresh , modern touch  to the interior increasing in the same time its value.{pics by Henning Koepke}.