Contemporary Island Home by Silberstein Architecture

This beautiful and serene residence is located on the island of Bonaire. The house was designed by Silberstein Architecture. It’s a luxurious property with a very impressive architecture. The house is surrounded by water and wildlife, thus standing out with its beauty and modern architecture.

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The house is its own little island and it offers both privacy and impressive views. The exterior of the house is a beautiful combination of white that mostly covers the entire residence and deep brown wood. The interior is equally impressive, if not even more. The residence includes a beautiful infinity pool sitting on a patio-like area. The architecture is modern and glamorous and this can be seen everywhere you look around.

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The colors used are mostly natural and they come from the type of materials used. The furniture also features bright colors such as green and orange. They are striking, eye-catching and refreshing. Overall, this a beautiful residence, a modern retreat with exquisite architecture and surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscape.

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It’s the type of place where you want to be when you’re having a stressful day at work or when you simply need some peace and quiet. The house offers the privacy that most of us want but it’s also opened to the views. It’s a unique residence, a dream home for many of us.