Contemporary House from Kathryn Tyler and Linea Studio

This contemporary studio house has been designed by well known interior designer Kathryn Tyler of Linea Studio. The key features of the house are white walls, concrete floors and wide open spaces. The interior designer has introduced enough of storage space in the house and that too at places, which are often ignored and wasted such as the passage under the stairs. In addition, the other elements of the interiors are kept minimal. Sofas and chairs with long legs have been introduced so that floor can be seen, and the place appears to be large and open.

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Contemporary house seem to pay a lot of attention to functionality. So there are a lot of very simple and very functional pieces that are eye-catching. For example, there’s the storage system build into the staircase structure, that seems to be more and more appreciated. It’s a very clever solution that can save a lot of space. There is also that huge bookcase that takes an entire wall. But with a piece like that, you can have all the storage space you need. You can place there all the books, magazines and even other collectibles and valuables that have decorative purposes.


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The furniture pieces are simple, comfortable and they have a specific look that makes them very appropriate for this type of design. I really like the bathroom as well. It’s very fresh and clean and the white is a good choice for that. And there are a lot of beautiful details all over the place. Overall, it’s a very functional and beautiful place.