Contemporary Forest Shelter Breaks In Two For A Clean Look

The stylish cabin you see here is the first of a series of contemporary structures that the architects at Cadaval & Sola-Morales plan on building in the area. The cabin is located in Morelos, Maxico and was completed in 2016. It covers an area of 80 square meters on a level site facing a steep slope and a forest valley.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico surroundings
Contemporary cabin in Mexico forest view

Cadaval & Sola-Morales is a studio established in New York back in 2003. In 2005 it extended its offices in Barcelona and Mexico and has won numerous awards since then. The practice is focused on research and development which are key elements in their design process. Always driven by the desire to create intelligent design solutions, the architects excel at adapting their concepts and ideas to suit numerous different scales and contexts.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico vegetation
Contemporary cabin in Mexico valley vegetation

The bungalow was designed to serve as a temporary shelter for small families and groups. It’s meant to make the most of its surroundings and it has a simple and clean architecture that allows the landscape to become the focal point.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico hammock on porch
Contemporary cabin in Mexico facade on valley

The building is envisioned as a compact box with a clean and minimalistic shell that protects it from the elements without completely separating it from the outdoors and the views. Unlike other similar shelters, this one has a rather unusual layout.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico led lights
Contemporary cabin in Mexico split design

The social and private zones are clearly separated, acting as two individual structures. They are in fact physically divided as the cabin splits into two sections at the front. Vegetation fills the gap between the two modules, highlighting the strong connection between the internal spaces and their surroundings.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico middle of forest
Contemporary cabin in Mexico back walls

One of the modules contains the living area, dining space and kitchen while the other houses the master bedroom. They each have small terraces at the front and full-height glass windows which let nature become an active part in their décor.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico small porch
Contemporary cabin in Mexico sunset view

The small terrace in front of the social area features a hammock which can be seen from inside. It’s the perfect place from where to enjoy the views, the weather and the peace and quiet that surround the cabin. The tranquility that defines this area was the element that made the architects choose this site in the first place.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico spider plants
Contemporary cabin in Mexico dining

Concrete was chosen for the project, mostly because it’s a versatile and low-maintenance material and this makes it a good option for holiday homes and temporary retreats. The exterior of the cabin was painted black and this offers it depth and allows it to maximize the visual impact of the landscape.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico bedroom view
Contemporary cabin in Mexico living area

The interior is minimalist and casual without lacking elegance and sophistication. The color palette is kept simple and neutral, utilizing the colors that naturally occur in nature as accent tones for the interior décor.

Contemporary cabin in Mexico dining area
Contemporary cabin in Mexico porch view