Contemporary forest residence in Guatemala

There aren’t many houses in the forest and the existing ones haven’t always the suitable design for the environment. But the next house was designed in a way that makes it fit to the forest specific and includes all the natural elements around it. The house is located in the hillside forest in the Santa Rosalía area of Guatemala City. The amazing house was named the Corallo House and is the best example about how to combine nature, comfort and luxury in a harmonic way, without hurting any of it.

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The Corallo House has a 747.50 sqm surface and was finished in 2011 after a Alejandro Paz project.  The specific of this amazing forest house is that it preserves the already existing trees by including them in the actual interior lining space. The floor storey is a large free of column space which gives the impression of open space. The same effect is also given by the glass facades which allow the entry of natural light. The glass walls integrate the outdoor medium in the indoor space, combining nature with the architectural project.

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The interior design of the house also reminds of the natural environment from outside. The structure is based on concrete giving a rustic texture. The house also has wooden interiors which merge with the piercing trees. Also the interior and the exterior design are modern, but in a way that takes care of nature. The Corallo House seems a piece of heaven.{found on archdaily and pics by Andres Asturias}.