The contemporary Fluidity dish rack

The dish rack is a must-have in every kitchen. It’s a very simple and very practical item and there aren’t many variations in terms of design. It’s exactly this monotony that was starting to become obvious that inspired Milan based design studio DesignLibero to create something different, something out of the ordinary.

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This is Fluidity. It’s an unconventional dish rack with a very simple but also very ingenious design. The main idea behind this design was to take the classic and add a modern twist to it. Fluidity is a dish rack and a planter. It serves a double function and they both work harmoniously together. This dish drying rack has a minimalist design and, in addition to the obvious features, it also has two small planters, one on each side. The interesting thing about it is that the plants actually take their water from the dishes.

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The water dripping from the dishes collects underneath and automatically reaches the plants. This is possible because of the design and the slightly twisted shape of this piece. The water that trickles from the washed dishes as it’s supposed to is then used to irrigate the plants. It’s a very simple but very original idea and a way of adding some freshness to the kitchen. This piece has two small containers, each perforated at the bottom and they are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber to keep clean and dish drainer but to also control the water environment of the plants.