Contemporary family house with views of the beach in Sydney

Located close to Tamarama beach, in Sydney, Australia, this beautiful residence enjoys wonderful views from the upper level. The idea behind the design of this residence was to create a simple, minimal beach house but with a little more privacy. The sit featured an already existing house and the client wanted it remodeled and redesigned in order to have a more contemporary look.

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The result was the Kerr House and it was a project developed by Tony Owen Architects. The original property had a beautiful tropical garden at the rear of the house and the architects wanted to preserve this part and to integrate it into the overall design. They managed to open the house onto the garden and to create a sort of large outdoor room, a sort of extension of the living area.

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The house also features a cantilevered concrete wing that’s extending outwards to the garden. The rest of the structure is clad in timber battens and glass louvers. It was a choice based on the fact that the client wanted to be able to enjoy the views towards the beach and to also have this close connection with the outdoor area.

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In the center of the house there is a large glass enclosure that contains the main stair. This area provides lots of natural lights to the center of the house and connects everything while also delimitating the spaces. Besides being beautiful and elegant, the house also has a sustainable design. The architects used natural materials and natural ventilation and also designed spacious upper deck areas. The house features a total of three bedrooms and a family room located on the upper level. The lower level contains a separate bedroom/study, a laundry room and a guest bathroom. Outside there’s also a beautiful dining area and, of course, the garden that has been preserved.