Contemporary convertible sofa by Emauele Magini

The Italian furniture company Campeggi has chosen to produce this very interesting design that Emanuele Magini came up with. The most interesting feature of this piece is the fact that it can be reconfigured into several shapes that correspond to your seating needs. This way you can use it either as a simple sofa, or as an L-shaped structure, as a face-to face sitting area, as an enclosed space or even as two different armchairs.

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It is an extremely versatile piece that also has a modern and colorful design. The structure is quite simple. It’s made from two seats covered with a flexible fabric flap. It’s an ingenious idea. The result is a multi-functional furniture piece that adapts to your sitting needs. It’s an interesting way of preventing the users from getting bored easily by their furniture.

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This is certainly a fun piece that will keep them busy for a while. The color is also very beautiful; I really like that tone of green. It’s functional and beautiful and would make a great addition to a contemporary home.