Contemporary Apartment in Zagreb by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o

When you want to buy an apartment you must consider how much space you have available. This next downtown apartment is an example of how you can create additional space.

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Redesigned by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o, this home in Zagreb, Croatia is an interesting and clever place to live in. Like all apartments that have double doors in the middle of the wall between the rooms, this one makes no exception. Now those doors are decorative features, ingenious dividers between different spaces of the house and they also provide storage space for everyday objects.

The furniture has mainly light colors, therefore the apartment got an airy fell. Furthermore the furniture is set off by the dark tones of the wood panels and floors. What’s more, in order to create a sleek line in the kitchen, most of the appliances are integrated in the kitchen furniture.


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With large, comfortable rooms and discreetly incorporated pantry, laundry and dressing rooms, this apartment is a piece of heaven.