Contemporary and classy summer house in Malaga

This is a fabulous summer house and is located near Archidona in Malaga. The house can be called a happy house as it is surrounded by olive groves coupled with vibrant interiors. Splashes of bright colors have been used throughout the house in all the corners, which creates a playful and lively atmosphere.

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Almost all the furniture has a top classy look as it is rustic marked with simple, modern lines. Lots of lantern, baskets, pillows and colorful rugs have been used all through the structure. Various decorative elements and excessive detailing add on to the overall look of the house. The whole house is decorated and designed in a rustic traditional manner, so as to remind you of the true and traditional Malaga, to keep you close to the origins, not to create a false image, which is actually a great idea.

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Summer house in malaga

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The designer makes it look natural and you don’t feel like living in a museum, but in a nice welcoming home where you have everything you need. All the furniture and rugs and other decorations are natural on purpose and show you the charm of the real Malaga, not the close universe of the luxury apartments that all look the same all over the world.