Contempo Zagato Chaise Longue Leather

It is easy to grab what Contempo implies and therefore it is evident that this lounge leather offering from Zagato aims to be uber contemporary. This is an attractive hand-finished and hand-made Italian luxurious collection which uses upholstered leather in luxurious European hide.

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This kind of creativity evidently requires expert craftsmanship and the same is on view here. Be it the intricate stitching, studding techniques or the finishing details, the expertise is surely required. This brilliance gives form to a contemporary curved chaise lounge with pillow support upholstered in soft leather. The feet are polished in chrome.

Contempo zagatoC642 425b

This looks like a very comfortable furniture piece. It’s mostly because of the shape. Even the chair looks relaxed.  It’s covered with soft leather and it has a pillow for your head. It’s a very nice chair, simple, elegant and extremely comfortable. It’s relax after a long day at work when you can come home, all tired, and you just want to relax a little so you sit down on this chair. The effect is immediate. It’s a great piece that can help you relax in just a few minutes. This is why I wouldn’t recommend to have one of these at work because you won’t be doing a lot of work anymore. Keep the secret for yourself. The chair comes in either black or white leather and both of them are equally beautiful.Price: £1,407.