Contempo Andromeda Ottoman, Leather from Italy

Contempo is famous for coming up with some exclusive leather upholstered products and its latest offering is the Andromeda Ottoman which was handmade and hand-finished in Italy.

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Here again the product has been leather upholstered and the luxurious hide used hails from Europe. It is easy to asses the quality of craftsmanship from the way the stitching, studding and finishing has been done. The designers from Contempo strive for elegance, ultimate comfort and impeccable style and this product certainly reflects those design traits.

Contempo andromedaottoman 425a

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to chairs and stools. But there’s also room for more. Someone always seems to come up with something new, even if it’s not completely original because it’s almost impossible to manage to do that.

Contempo andromedaottoman 425a

These ottomans are, as you can imagine, very comfortable. They are soft and cozy and perfect for any occasion. Also, they have an elegant look, whether they come is fabric or leather finish. They are so soft that you want to use them as pillows. They would look great in any home, whether it’s traditional or modern. They are very versatile and very functional as well. Ottomans are usually kept for their playful and cozy look, as decorations and as extra seats for situations when guests come over. So it seems like they are pretty important furniture items.