Conifer Clad Retreat Finished by m.elle

We have come across a number of vegetation clad houses in the recent past and we’ve come to love all of them. Here’s another addition to that amazing wish list finished by the mother and daughter pairing of m.elle. You come to enliven yourselves on the mountains and a warm and cozy house like this situated exactly amidst conifer trees is like a dream.

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Come to think of elegance and you find truckloads of that in this stone and aged wooden beam dream. For me grey was a color I will never like to see in my surroundings  but the way it has been used here makes me think differently.

It’s a very beautiful, at the limit between modern and traditional, and this time this combination is very successful. There are a lot of beautiful decorations in there. For example I really like the mirror. It’s one of the most impressive pieces. The most interesting and admirable features about this house is the location. It’s not a very common location, so this makes it even more precious.

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The fresh air and the beautiful natural environment are priceless. It’s a very quiet and peaceful place, the perfect location when you want to get away and spend some relaxing time, by yourself or with some friends, maybe with your life partner. It’s a very beautiful place indeed.