Confusing Mixed Numbers Wall Clock from Karlsson

Time is what we all need. There are moments when need more time for various things and time seems to never be enough. As much time we have it is never the necessary amount that we need. I am one of these persons who always lack time. The fact that I have a little daughter of one year old seems to occupy all my time. The disadvantage is that I have not enough time for other activities and less and less time for me. Now I am always with my eyes on clocks as I need to know all the time an exact hour. A wall clock is a timepiece which becomes very practical in such a situation.

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The Dutch manufacturer Karlsson presents you a special a Mixed Numbers wall clock designed by J.P. Meulendijks. This is a model presents a contemporary design which will fit any blank wall and comes in a black finish. There are other variants of this model but they come in different colors like white, silver or red.Besides the practical use of a wall clock, it is also an interesting decorative item which will definitely change the entire ambiance of your room.

As it looks so differently from an ordinary wall clock it is possible that you forget about the fact that it actually is a useful item for your room instead of a decorative thing. Those who are in love with numbers will definitely favor this model which is a mix of numbers that seems to be more confusing than help you discover the correct hour.