Concrete Lego blocs by Studio 1015′s Etsy store

Lego is fun and not just for kids. Even adults enjoy building structure out of Lego pieces. It’s a relaxing activity and a way to exercise their creativity and skills. Those who enjoyed playing with Lego pieces when they were kids and remained fans of this activity will probably also enjoy the new creation of Studio 1015′s Etsy store.

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It’s a combination of concrete bricks and Lego pieces. Each brick measures approximately: 1 5/8″L x 3/4″W x 1/2″H. The concrete Lego pieces can be purchase in sets of 6 and they cost *8.50. Because of the characteristics of the material, each piece is unique and has variations in terms of color, texture and even shape. The interlocking concrete bricks were hand cast to resemble a standard 2×4 LEGO building block. The resemblance is very close and they will remind anyone who’s ever played with Lego pieces about the fun childhood times.

Concrete Building Blocks View in gallery

These concrete Lego bricks have no real use inside or outside the house. They are just fun pieces that can be used for decorative purposes. They would make a nice gift for an architect for example or for any Lego fan. You can even try to build different things with them but you won’t be as successful as with actual Lego pieces. Since they weren’t designed with an actual purpose, you can use your imagination to create one.