Concrete Decorating that will Capture Your Attention

Attention trend setters. Artists and makers have long been crafting with paints and paper and leather and metal, and now they’re moving on to a new medium. Concrete. Everywhere crafters are covering surfaces with it and making molds for it and planting things in it. Such a common substance is becoming a big decorating trend in the home. Just look at these 13 ways to decorate with concrete and you’ll be ready to get your own hands a little messy too.

concrete coasters

If you are a little nervous about working with concrete, here is a good place to start. A simple circle mold and just a little bit of concrete can produce a set of lovely simple coasters for your coffee table. You can also go the extra mile and paint them or cover part of them in gold leaf. (via A Daily Something)

concrete doorstop

Anybody can make a plain ol’ block of concrete, right? Once you’ve got your smoothing practices down, grab the brightest yarn you can find and make this colorful doorstop for your home. It’s even sturdy enough to be used outside! (via My Every Day Life)

concrete clock

If you’re still working into the concrete decorating thing, make a little concrete clock like this. You can place it on a bookshelf or on your desk or even your bedside table. Trust me, looking at such a simple smooth decorative timepiece all the time will win you over. (via Instructables)

concrete pendant lamp

You’re probably wondering how they ever made a mold to create a pendant light like this. The answer: a two liter bottle of soda. Save yours the next time you have a party and then go buy your concrete to make the most unique pendant lamp out there. (via Brit + Co)

concrete desktop

Feeling brave? You might want to try making this concrete-topped desk for your home office. It’s just a large flat piece of concrete! You can do that, right? Add some sealer and you’ll never want to go back to the office. You’ll also never need to buy another desk. (via Home Depot)

concrete succulent planter

We houseplant lovers have a thing for creative pots, so it makes sense that we would venture into the world of concrete. In a few hours, you can have this adorable DIY concrete succulent planter ready to pot all your baby cacti.

concrete bookends

If you don’t have a thing for DIY bookends, you should. These geometric concrete bookends will be just the chic yet rough touch your bookshelves need. You can even get crazy and paint a few of the facets with some bright paint. (via eHow)

concrete side table

Before you balk, this fantastic side table is not completely made of concrete. The inside is stacked and shaped layers of foam with cement carefully smoothed over top. So you can move it from room to room without breaking your back. You’re welcome. (via A Beautiful Mess)

concrete office supplies

Don’t forget your desk! It deserves to be trendy too, considering how many hours you spend there. You can buy these concrete office beauties to spruce up your office organizing… or figure out a way to DIY them yourself. If you do, you have to start an Etsy shop. (via Magnus Pettersen Studio)

concrete cheeseboard
Concrete cheeseboard

Every host and hostess knows that a cheeseboard is what makes a good cheese plate. If it’s not a fancy background, it won’t get on Instagram. While concrete may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is a super simple medium to create a cheeseboard worth displaying in your kitchen all the time. (via A Daily Something)

concrete planter

Looking for the perfect planter for your large tropical houseplant? Go for concrete. Whether you paint it or not, it will always be a piece that is stylish and heavy enough to keep indoors or outdoors which is a bonus for both you and your plant. (via For The Makers)

concrete countertop

Giving your kitchen a makeover can be a real hassle, not to mention eating into your budget. Here’s an interesting solution that will have a big impact. Cover your current countertops with concrete. You heard me. Cover them up, smooth them out and seal them to give your kitchen a totally new look. (via A Beautiful Mess)

concrete birdhouse

While we’re decorating the inside of our homes with concrete, let’s not forget the outside too.  Give your garden a taste of trendy with a sweet little concrete birdhouse. Paint it or leave it plain, but either way you will love the update it brings to your yard. (via Lowes)