Two Conceptual Homes Pay Homage To Mesmerizing Views

After a long period of time during which we focused on creating large clusters and tight societies, using the resources nature had so kindly offered us, we’ve now reached a period when we want to go back to the basics and to reconnect with nature. This idea was the driving force behind two amazing concept houses which we’re going to present today.

Casa Brutale by OPA

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This is a concept developed by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) for a residence built into a high cliff above the Aegean Sea in Greece. The team calls it a “chameleonic living space statement of the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture” and we couldn’t describe it any better. The name of the project sounds brutal and that’s exactly the point. Casa Brutale was envisioned as a raw structure built using simple materials such as concrete, wood and glass which allow it to integrate into the landscape. It’s an unpretentious residence that impresses on a different level. The architects of OPA describe the whole approach as a “poetic homage to pure brutalism”.

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The residence is yet to be built, remaining a visionary concept for now. The concept presents the building as being encased by the earth around it and built into the cliff, with no portion of it sticking above ground level. The focus is on the landscape and the ocean and the elements prevail over everything else. This also inspired the architects to use simple and raw materials.

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The residence only has one facade facing the ocean and is built underground. It benefits from thermal insulation from the surrounding ground and the portion that’s exposed to the views is entirely encased by glass in order to maximize them.

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The roof of the building is a swimming pool made of reinforced glass. It’s set between the concrete walls and its role is to smoothen the raw materials, to establish a connection with the sea and the sky as well as to let light into the internal spaces and to cool the property.

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The entrance is at the bottom of the building and can be reached via a set of 50 stairs or by elevator. It features a tall rotating door made of aged wood and it offers access to the interior spaces.

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The interior of the residence is simple and open. The social spaces are furnished with a concrete dining table complemented by concrete benches topped with wood. Everything else is simple and, although it lack the sophistication of other homes, the interior is welcoming and amazing in its own way.

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The mezzanine level is occupied by the master bedroom which has a bed frame made of concrete and wood and mirrored walls that create unique visual effects by playing with the light and shadow.

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At the main floor there’s a guest room and a small hallway that leads to the storage areas and the bathroom.This entire concept is based on harmony and it’s a way to establish a beautiful connection with nature, the surrounding landscape and the views.

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The Cliff House by Modscape

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Dubbed the Cliff House, this is a concept holiday home planned by Modscape, a company that specializes in sustainable and modular architecture. They custom build prefabricated homes and commercial buildings using modules. Each module is a steel frame with structurally insulated panels and they can be used to create just about any configuration of spaces with a limitless option of finishes.

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The team designed the house for an adventurous couple that owned some land in Victoria, Australia. Perched above the ocean, the house clings to a high cliff and offers dramatic and expansive views of the ocean.

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The goal was to create “an absolute connection with the ocean” and this was done by envisioning the house as a natural extension of the landscape. Although the structure stands out, the way it sits there on the edge of the cliff is reminiscent of the barnacles that cling to the side of the ships.

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The entrance is positioned at the uppermost level, through a carport. An elevator connects all the 5 levels of the residence. The interior is simple, bright and open, featuring minimalist details and neutral colors that allow the focus to be on the views. The lowest level of the house is an outdoor space that lets the users take in the ample ocean views surrounding them.