How To Add Boho-Chic Flair To Your Bedroom With A Dressing Table

The dressing table used to be a must have in any bedroom but their importance diminished with time and these days it’s merely an optional accessory. But make no mistake. The dressing table is as chic and beautiful as ever and it can be a wonderful addition to any bedroom.

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Place the dressing table against a wall and hang a big mirror in front of it. Add a beautiful table lamp and a beautiful chair and you’ll create a really chic spot but a little bit of feminine charm.

Mirrored dresser tableView in gallery

A mirrored dressing table would look really glamorous in the bedroom but, if you get one of these, keep the rest of the décor simple.

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Decorate the dressing table with personalized items such as framed photos, candles or gorgeous mirrors. Turn this into a personal spot.

White bedroom dressing table wallView in gallery

You can incorporate the dressing table into your bedroom wall unit and match it to the rest of the furniture. For example, one of the walls here is a huge mirror.

Wall unit dressing table bedroomView in gallery

Here, the dressing table is incorporated into the wall unit.{found on sealydesigninc}.

Natural light dressing tableView in gallery

Make sure you get plenty of natural light when sitting at your dressing table. So try to place it in front of a window or as close to one as possible.

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To save space in a small bedroom, the dressing table can double as a nightstand. Put it in a corner by the bed, preferably near a window.

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Another option is to place it at the foot of the bed. It’s a really interesting strategy that could work in a lot of different settings.{found on morphinterior}.